We Share the Risk

Proactive International isn't a consulting company, market research firm or biz dev consultant. Those types of companies are there to provide you with information services over periods of time (consulting) or in a one time expression (market research). Some channel development companies charge a flat monthly fee. As a business leader, you select them, receive something and then you are done. All the risk of your business decisions fall on you.

If you want to retain all the risk, then Proactive International can do it that way. But we prefer the risk.

Proactive International works with you because we believe in your products and your business

Shared Risk is Real Partnership

  • We partner with exceptional clients with exceptional products. A partner that doesn't believe in your product is simply another reseller.
  • Shared risk is about trust and mutual service. If compensation is linked to the same performance that generates revenue or market growth for you, you can trust our service.
  • Long term benefits are shared by partners. You only see growth over time. Proactive International does initiate short term actions but its always with long term growth as a goal.

Proactive International does not work with just any company or client. We work with you because we believe in your products and your business.