Sell Everywhere by Being Everywhere

Proactive International is the leader in new market creation and expansion. Just a few things we can do for you:

  • Get your products sold competitively within foreign markets.
  • Create new venues to sell or license your technology.
  • Source your IP or development from low cost, high quality markets.

But Proactive International isn't simply a consulting company. We share the risk.

  • Get Products Sold Competitively in Foreign Markets

    Domestic channel development and direct marketing seems to reinvent itself every six months. It isn't only domestic markets either. What you heard about selling into Japan five or ten years ago has almost nothing to do with how to sell there now.

  • Create New Venues to Sell or License Technology

    Depending on the international market, your product may be the most successful by selling through new paradigms, or co-marketing or bundling with a local partner. Or, your product may find an entirely different and unique purpose within a new market.

  • Intelligently Source IP or Development

    You have probably heard stories of outsourcing ranging from incredible failures to substantive successes. The greatest failures occur when there are differences in expectations, understanding and management. Proactive International has been providing distance services to clients on every continent for over a decade.