Cornucopia is an online community dedicated to the Vue line of products. 

On Cornucopia, you will find all sorts of resources to improve your Vue experience: forums, galleries, tutorials,... as well as a store where you can find top-quality content at the best possible price.

Why Cornucopia?

This community is born with a simple but important goal in mind: to provide the most comfortable, helpful, up-to-date and enjoyable online community to all Vue users. With the above intentions in mind, we wish for Cornucopia to become a meeting point where experienced users can share, newbies can learn, and everybody can enjoy their stay. Vue software opens the doors of our imagination to the infinite worlds of virtual landscapes; we hope that this community will open even more doors to all Vue users. It will be an enlightening exploration path that we hope to walk with you!

What Can I Do Now?

You can visit the community forums, browse our galleries of images created by other Vue users, learn from our selection of online tutorials and search for new content using the menu to the left. You don't have to be registered in order to do this. However, if you wish to post your own images, start or respond to discussion threads, submit tutorials, participate in contests or acquire content from the store, you will have to register first. Click here if you would like to register now. As a member/user of this community, you are required to adhere to the terms of our Terms of Service agreement at all times.

What Is the Cornucopia Store?

The Cornucopia store is part of the Cornucopia community. Its primary focus is to offer high-quality, affordable content for use inside Vue, as a way to support and expand your creativity. For your convenience, this content may also be available in "generic" formats.

How Does the Store Work?

  • Ordering from Cornucopia is very easy. Simply select the products you want to purchase and place your order. Funds will either be taken directly from your Cornucopia account or you can pay using your credit card. You will be provided with links to download the content.
  • Installing content is straightforward thanks to the use of automatic installers. Simply click on the installer application and your content will be automatically installed and ready for use!
  • Getting content from within Vue is even easier! Double-click on the content of your choice and place the order without leaving Vue (funds will be taken from your Cornucopia account). Downloading will begin automatically; when downloading completes, the content will be ready for use! It doesn't get much easier!
  • Cornucopia account: when you register, we will create a Cornucopia account for you. If you are a registered user of Vue 5, e-on software will automatically credit your account with a free Welcome! voucher. You can use this voucher to get the Vue-content of your choice. If you want, you can easily add funds to your Cornucopia account using your account page; unspent funds can be retrieved at a later time. Your account page also provides links to content you purchased, in case you need to download it again.

Why Buy from Cornucopia?

  • High quality: all content offered through Cornucopia is carefully reviewed to ensure that it meets our high quality standards.
  • Cheap prices: Cornucopia takes a minimal commission on product sales, but asks that this low commission be passed on to you. As a result, we garantee that you will not find Cornucopia content cheaper anywhere else. And we're comfortable enough with that to refund you twice the difference* should you find the same content cheaper elsewhere!  Although you are paying less than anywhere else when buying content from Cornucopia, the original creator of the content is still getting the same cut. Cornucopia simply hands over more of your money to the original creator!
  • Vue-format: the Vue content you aquire on Cornucopia is directly useable in Vue. Because the content is specifically designed for Vue, it can make the best of Vue features. For instance, texturing could rely on procedurally defined materials instead of relying exclusively on memory hungry bitmaps. Also, there are no importing, missing textures or other types of problems: the content is designed to work immediately in Vue.
  • Hassle-free copy protection: high-level encryption technologies are used to ensure that you, the legitimate customer, don't have to carry the burden of software piracy. This copy-protection technology works in the background and is totally transparent. Vue-content aquired for use in one e-on product will be useable in all subsequent e-on products you purchase. Copy-protection is not applicable to "generic" format content.
  • Other format content: some content is also available in "generic" formats (e.g. 3DS, OBJ, PZ3). Although this content is in a generic format, it has been checked to perform well in Vue.