Shared advantages are a great way into an established market.

What is Partnering?

Customers need a reason to say yes. Providing some advantage to users of other products or technologies makes it easier to sell. This is particularly useful for starting vendors. It can take the form of pure co-marketing. It can also take the form of technical compatibility and interoperability. Here are two of them.

Integration Value-Add
  • Integration that gives a technical advantage
  • Integration that gives a productivity advantage
  • Fills a niche within a common workflow
  • Differentiating value by service or price

You can have important partners on a global level but the value of each individual partner may vary widely depending on the specific target market. 

Does it matter?

Yes. One of the most effective ways to become competitive is to provide better value for users of other products. You increase the value and interest of what they already have or, they increase the value and interest of what you offer. This is one of several ways a relative newcomer can still thrive in a mature market with many competitors.

Where next?

You can acquire business development talent yourself or hire executive management with talent. Proactive International is highly experienced in developing both stategies.

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