GraffitiSuite Desktop Edition Release 46 Now Available for Professional UI Development with Xojo built cross platform applications

Release Statistics

  • 6 New Classes or Products
  • 3 Additions
  • 21 Bug Fixes
  • 6 Various Changes

With Release 46, the focus was primarily on adding some cool new entirely custom-built products for both Web and Desktop while fixing some annoying, hard to replicate bugs.

Avatars have been commonplace on the web for a long time. Most users roll their own avatar implementation, but there was a request to build something that could be dropped in to projects to provide this functionality for custom user images. GraffitiAvatar provides this functionality while also handling display of user initials on hover, and a plethora of events to make this portion of your user interface stand out whether you’re developing for Web or Desktop.Likewise, in collaborative environments, it is common to see groups of user avatars displayed depicting those users who are currently viewing a document or page, or participating in a discussion. GraffitiAvatarGroup gives users the ability to see everyone who is collaborating in your app’s environment at a glance, and collapses avatars to display a “More” button when too many avatars for the control’s width are available. Add this to your Web or Desktop projects now!Notifications can be exhausting for a lot of people and hard to develop in a way that isn’t obtrusive.

In this release we’ve added GraffitiWindowNotifier for Desktop. This product embeds notifications within your windows rather than using a system-wide notification mechanism so that your application is less likely to annoy your users. Leveraging GraffitiAnimator and GraffitiNote, this product creates a contained and enticing experience for your notifications.View the complete Release 46 changelog at


GraffitiSuite is an ever-expanding set of classes for Xojo Desktop, Web, and Raspberry Pi targets that aims to both ease development and provide access to advanced features and user interface concepts without unnecessarily complicating your project code.


GraffitiSuite Solutions is a software development consulting firm based in Johnson City, TN, and has been providing custom Xojo development, components and solutions since 2003. See for more information.