Halfling Village Volume 2 is a series of 3D models from Meshbox Design based upon the small, fantasy people and their homes.

Halfling Village Volume 2 is a collection of 3d models that captures the village life of those small, hairy footed fantasy folk known as halflings - those shy, country folk that live in holes in hillsides and quaint homes with rounded doors and windows. The series includes:

  • HFG2V201 Halfling Village Lighthouse
  • HFG2V202 Halfling Village Herbalist
  • HFG2V203 Halfling Village Stables
  • HFG2V204 Halfling Village Manor
  • HFG2V205 Halfling Village Dock
  • HFG2V206 Halfling Village Cottage
  • HFG2V207 Halfling Village Glassblower
  • HFG2V208 BONUS MODEL - Halfling Village Tobacconist

Licensing Halfling Village Volume 2

Meshbox Design offers two types of licenses of most models. These include:

  • Art License. You can license a model for creating 3D art and animation through rendering. It does not include deployment of any original or converted content within the archive.
  • Game License. This license also includes the Art License for render deployment. The Game License is a 'real time' license required for deploying converted materials from within the archive. You cannot create derivative works from this license.

Renderosity has its own general license in addition to limitations expressed within the standard READ ME. Please refer to them if you license a model through Renderosity.

Where to Get Halfling Village Volume 2

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