Christmas Village 11 is a set of beautiful 3D Christmas holiday models from Meshbox Design and based on the theme of the English Village.

Christmas Village 11 is a set of beautiful 3D Christmas holiday models from Meshbox Design. The Christmas Village series is an annual release event, adding additional models to the growing North Pole village of Toon Santa. The special theme release for 11 is Father Christmas, with buildings created with a British style and based in a part of North Pole Village where humans are allowed to visit.

Β It consists of seven publicly released models plus a bonus model only available in the Complete Edition. The series includes:

  • TSV311001 Cracker Factory and Shop
  • TSV311002 Nutcracker Factory
  • TSV311003 St. George's Cakes and Puddings
  • TSV311004 Ye Olde Inn
  • TSV311005 Lamplighter's House
  • TSV311006 The Pig's Whiskers Pub
  • TSV311007 Chimney Sweep's House
  • TSV311008 BONUS MODEL: North Pole Cathedral

This release also is based on the Meshbox R3 specification.

Licensing Christmas Village 11 R3

Meshbox Design offers two types of licenses of most models. These include:

  • Art License. You can license a model for creating 3D art and animation through rendering. It does not include deployment of any original or converted content within the archive.
  • Game License. This license also includes the Art License for render deployment. The Game License is a 'real time' license required for deploying converted materials from within the archive. You cannot create derivative works from this license.

Renderosity has its own general license in addition to limitations expressed within the standard READ ME. Please refer to them if you license a model through Renderosity.

Where to Get Christmas Village 11 R3

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