Mirye Software Publishing releases RevCamp Issue 0808: What to Do this Summer. 

RevCamp is a monthly extension to Mirye Runtime Revolution. The release offers a powerful cross-platform database engine with visual database browser and a complete set of 20 professionally crafted, royalty free presentation soundtracks. 

Mirye RevCamp 808: What To Do with Your Summer

Runtime Revolution is the shortest path between concept to cross-platform, rich media projects. Runtime Revolution lets you build your project on one operating system, then deploy to multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris. Mirye Software Publishing announces the first release of RevCamp with Issue 808: What to Do with Your Summer. This release includes valuable new features and benefits added to the complete Runtime Revolution product. Grab your laptop and spend your warm August days expanding your skills and knowledge by adding a powerful, advanced database engine to your projects.

RevCamp: What is it?

When you purchase Runtime Revolution, you receive a limited number of months of updates to your software. RevCamp adds more value to your updates by providing monthly releases, including any software updates, but also including additional products, news, articles and other benefits. RevCamp is released monthly - providing additional value every month. Some benefits are available only to new customers, or to license holders of Revolution Studio or Revolution Enterprise. It can also include Limited Member Benefits.

Limited Member Benefits are inclusions that are only available while the current issue is available. If a customer does not download or activate a Limited Member Benefit during the set time of availability, it cannot be downloaded later.

RevCamp provides month-to-month value for keeping your evolution license up-to-date.

RevCamp 808: How Do I Get it?

If you purchased a new license or upgrade license after July 28, 2008, you will receive an email containing download and activation information for member benefits. Any new or upgrade license sold through Mirye Store or through participating resellers is eligible.

Mirye RevCamp 808 Benefits

Mirye Revolution users with licenses eligible for upgrades receive the following benefits while Mirye RevCamp 808 is the then current issue.

RevCamp 808 Limited Member Benefits

Mirye Audio Business as Unusual Volume 1, a set of 20 fresh, loopable soundtracks you can use in your business presentations, kiosks, demonstrations or other rich media projects. Here you will find tracks that are rich in texture, expansive and versatile, yet not so overwhelming that they cannot be played in the background in combination with a live speech or performance.

Business as Unusual Volume 1 is available for Revolution Media, Revolution Studio and Revolution Enterprise customers and has a regular list price of $45.

RevCamp 808 New Member Benefits

All customers that purchase a new or upgrade license for Revolution Studio or Revolution Enterprise can receive a one-time benefit of Valentina for Revolution 3.1 ADK Advanced, the ultra fast database technology that turns Revolution applications into powerful database solutions. Valentina for Revolution 3.1 ADK Advanced contains additional components that you can add to your Runtime Revolution database projects, and includes support for deploying Runtime Revolution data-driven applications on all three platforms: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Valentina ADK Advanced for Revolution includes:

  • Database Runtimes for Major Operating Systems. Local runtimes for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X (10.4 and higher) let you deploy fast, SQL based databases.
  • Valentina Studio 3.1 Admin Edition. Visual tool for creating, administering and browsing Valentina databases. Use ODBC to import from Filemaker, Access and more.
  • Community Level Support. Community leaders and Valentina engineers participate in this list.
  • Eligibility for Upgrading. When you are ready, you can upgrade to the latest version of Valentina, or upgrade to Valentina Developer Network.

Revolution News in Brief

What's going on with Runtime Revolution and associated products? Here is a quick run down on events related to this best selling cross-platform development system for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux:

  • Summer Special: Revolution Studio for $199. Order Runtime Revolution Studio through participating resellers or directly from Mirye Software for only $199 - a 50% Savings! This special offer is only good through Labor Day - September 1, 2008.

  • Valentina Training in Germany, August 19/20 and 28/29, 2008. Generic Objects GmbH Valentina Technology Evangelist Thorsten Hohage will deliver Valentina training sessions in German, in Germany. Contact Generic Objects for more information. Tel: +49 170 7781716.

  • Revolution at World Call 2008 in Fukuoka, Japan. Claire Bradin Siskin, Director of the Robert Henderson Language Media Center at the University of Pittsburg will deliver a presentation featuring Mirye Revolution at World Call 2008 August 5-8, 2008. Attendees will receive complementary copies of Revolution Media and Valentina Community Server.

  • Revolution at SIGGRAPH 2008 in Los Angeles, California. Revolution at SIGGRAPH 2008 - the biggest event of the year for video, 3D and special effects! Mirye Software Publishing is a Gold Sponsor of the Content Creator's Guild SIGGRAPH 2008 promotional CD, distributed on the floor of SIGGRAPH 2008 by Smith Micro. Each promotional CD includes a Revolution Media license.

  • Revolution at BarCamp Seattle 2008. BarCamp Seattle 2008, which drew heavily on the Seattle technology community - including participants from Microsoft, Amazon, CostCo and Starbucks, featured Revolution. Participants attended Programming for Non-Programmers, a presentation about using Runtime Revolution on Sunday June 15. The presentation included an introduction to Revolution features and several productivity techniques for quickly creating prototypes and presentations.

Runtime Revolution 2.9 is available in three configurations: Media (USSRP $49), Studio (USRP $399) and Enterprise (USSRP $999) through Mirye Software Publishing and authorized corporate and educational resellers.