Mirye Software Publishing releases Mirye RevCamp Issue 0809: Back to School. 

RevCamp Issue 809: Back to School

RevCamp Issue 809: Back to School is the RevCamp issue primarily September, 2008. In many countries around the world, not only are K-12 aged children going back to school, but also university students are returning to begin the next level of their education.

At one point in computing history, the Apple Macintosh dominated computer labs in North America. Early Macs shipped with the incredibly versatile HyperCard application builder - the forefather of Runtime Revolution. Since the early days of HyperCard, Apple has changed both hardware systems twice and operating systems once. But very recently, Apple no longer bundles Classic emulation with their new computers. That means hundreds of thousands of HyperCard stacks in education will either wither and die - or be reborn through conversion to Runtime Revolution. And what a transformative conversion that can be!

This month, Mirye has provided three resources specifically to help in that conversion process - the first in a series of conversion tutorials from HyperActive Software on conversion, as well as a RevCamp benefit of a collection of 168 replacement icons to replace the black and white application graphics that came with HyperCard. More than just a conversion - these full color graphics are delivered to you in 512x512 resolution so your HyperCard Reborn Application can use the same resolutions supported by Apple's own tools. In addition, RevMentor training can help you get a leg up on the additional benefits of Revolution.

RevCamp 809 Benefits

Issue benefits fall into three groups: limited time benefits for all customers, limited time benefits for Studio or Enterprise customers, and one time permanent benefits. To qualify for any issue benefits, you must download the benefit during the availability of the issue. All benefits are one time, one per customer.

RevCamp 809 Limited Member Benefits (All Customers)

All customers that qualify for upgrades receive the following benefits:

Hyper2Rev Art Icons. If you are a one time Apple HyperCard user and have translated your HyperCard stacks to Revolution, you have been left with a mostly black-and-white application in a full color age of computing. The Hyper2Rev Art Icon Pack includes replacement images in three formats, optimized for use at size 512x512: PNG, EPS and original Adobe Illustrator format.

Rev Mentor 2 Week Limited Subscription. Mirye has teamed up with RevMentor to provide each new customer in September 2008 with a free two week trial access to the Rev Mentor subscription program. RevMentor provides online training and learning resources, including articles and video based training for Revolution developers. Visit the Rev Mentor Runtime Revolution Learning Site.

RevCamp 809 Limited Time Benefits (Studio and Enterprise Customers)

All Revolution Studio and Revolution Enterprise customers that qualify for free updates also receive the following additional benefit - the Animation Engine for Revolution library!

Animation Engine for Revolution. $79 Value, FREE! Animation Engine for Runtime Revolution adds a fantastic tool box for animated multimedia applications and games. Jump start your game development by adding this indispensable, native Revolution library to your tool kit. Adding Animation Engine to your casual game development or interactive media project can save you weeks of development time.

If you are a native speaker of Japanese - visit Kenji Kojima's Notes on Animation Engine in Japanese!

Issue 209 New Member Benefits

All customers in good standing with Mirye Revolution Studio or Mirye Revolution Enterprise can receive a one-time benefit of Valentina for Revolution 3.1 ADK Advanced, the ultra fast database technology that turns Revolution applications into powerful database solutions. Valentina ADK Advanced includes:

  • Database Runtimes for Major Operating Systems. Local runtimes for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X (10.4 and higher) let you deploy fast, SQL based databases.

  • Valentina Studio 3.1 Admin Edition. Visual tool for creating, administering and browsing Valentina databases. Use ODBC to import from Filemaker, Access and more.

  • Community Level Support. Community leaders and Valentina engineers participate in this list.

  • Eligibility for Upgrading. When you are ready, you can upgrade to the latest version of Valentina, or upgrade to Valentina Developer Network.

Issue 809: How Do I Get it?

Customers that purchased a new license or upgrade license after July 28, 2008 and qualify for Mirye Revolution updates will receive an email containing download and activation information for qualified member benefits. Any new or upgrade license sold through Mirye Store or through participating resellers is eligible.

Mirye Revolution 109 News and Articles

What's going on with Mirye Runtime Revolution and associated products? Here is a quick run down on events related to this best selling cross-platform development system for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux:

Runtime Revolution New Pricing Begins

Mirye Runtime Revolution new pricing for Revolution Studio and Revolution Enterprise is now available through Mirye Online Store and selected partners. Revolution Studio commercial pricing drops from $399 to $249 for a new license. Revolution Enterprise pricing drops from $999 to $499! These prices are immediately effective on the Mirye Online Store.

Limited Time Offers on Revolution Upgrades and Updates

Save in September! VERY limited time special offers on upgrades - can end at any time!

  • Pre-Order Revolution Media 2 Update to Revolution Media 3. Save $15
  • Revolution Media to Revolution Studio + 1 Year of Updates. $99
  • Revolution Studio to Revolution Enterprise + 1 Year of Updates. $299

DerBrill Animation Engine for Revolution Available

Animation Engine for Runtime Revolution adds a fantastic tool box for animated multimedia applications and games. Jump start your game development by adding this indespensible, native Revolution library to your tool kit. Animation Engine for Revolution is also now available in Mirye Online Store.

Article: Revolution 3: Multi-Dimensional Arrays

One of the most exciting new features of the soon-to-be released Revolution 3.0 is the support for multi-dimensional arrays. Read this preview and how-to article by Blue Mango Learning System Trevor DeVore.

Article: Converting from HyperCard to Revolution Part 1

Apple Computer's HyperCard was the authoring environment of choice for thousands of Macintosh users. Jacque Landman Gay of HyperActive Software provides us with a complete tutorial on converting legacy HyperCard stacks to Revolution. Part 1 covers an introduction and pre-conversion steps to take in your HyperCard stack.

Read about Converting from HyperCart to Revolution Part 1