Mirye Software announces its launch into the cross-platform professional tools market with Runtime Revolution Ltd’s Runtime Revolution development tools product line.

Mirye (pronounced “mee-ri”) is the North American and Japan publisher of Runtime Revolution, the most comprehensive development and multimedia tool for cross-platform deployment. Runtime Revolution is available for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Solaris and Unix. The products will be available through Mirye’s authorized network of dealers, partners and distributors.

Paradigma Software’s Valentina database product line will also be available through Mirye. Valentina Developer Network lets developers deploy local and server based data solutions royalty free, and supports every major development on Windows, Mac OS X an Linux, including Revolution and REAL Software’s REALbasic.

As a software publisher, Mirye provides the market infrastructure to a broader market channel that individual software developers have difficulty reaching or supporting in a way that is meaningful for channel partners and channel purchasers.

Mirye products are available through major software VARs, government service providers, academic resellers and professional content venues. E-frontier America’s Content Paradise, a community site and reseller of media software products and licensable 2D, 3D and audio content for digital production houses and designers will sell Mirye products. Renderosity, the largest community site of 2D and 3D artists with over 500,000 registered members, is also an authorized partner and reseller.

For additional information and purchase of Mirye products, please visit the official website.