MBS ChartDirector provides real time interactive charts at 30 fps within Xojo made applications, because speed and performance is what any client is going to expect out of custom-built financial apps.  This update adds no new features but improves overall performance and fixes customer affecting issues.

MBS ChartDirector Features

MBS ChartDirector provides interactive, real time charts in your Xojo applications on Mac, iOS, Windows and Linux. Desktop, Mobile, Console and Web projects.

  • Professional charts in Xojo
  • 29 types of charts including gantt, box-wisker and 3D charts
  • Per developer royalty free license for MacOS, iOS, Windows and Linux
  • Full Unicode support
  • No external DLLs
  • One year of free upgrades
  • Create vector graphics as PDF and SVG files.
  • Export chart as PNG, JPEG, GIF, WMP and BMP.
  • Track cursor movements with a dynamic layer.
  • Use custom fonts.
  • Includes examples with control to show interactive charts and tracking.

MBS ChartDirector 7.1 Improvements

This release of MBS ChartDirector addresses the following issues:

  • ChartDirector issue if a MultiPagePDF object has no page at all
  • Candlestick were not drawn correctly in SVG if open and close prices are the same (This only affects SVG output)
  • ContourLayer image map was incorrect if swapXY was used
  • If a ContourLayer or SurfaceChart included tooltips and they are put inside a MultiChart, a code issue when attempting to display the tooltip
  • Loadin certain JPEG images.
  • The BaseChart.setOutputOptions in C++ may not handle the last option correctly if the option list is not terminated by a semi-colon. This is in conflict with the documentation that mentions the list of options should be delimited by semi-colons and the last semi-colon is optional.
  • In lowess curve fitting, if there was a large number of data points with a very small smoothing factor, the points at the boundaries (the first and last few points) may not have fit very well in some cases. This is not noticeable by looking at the entire curve, but is noticeable when zoom into the first and last few points by using a high zoom factor
  • In a SurfaceChart, if surface projection was used and the interpolation for the x and y direction were different, the code may have an an issue
  • In macOS, if ChartDirector needed to resize an externally provided image (eg. an icon to be used on the chart), in some cases the resized icon may have contained "noise".
  • On a chart, if there were both continuous image map (the image map for contour and surface charts with differ pixel by pixel) and regular image maps (the image maps for all other objects) and they overlap, the imageMapHandler may have handled the z-order of these maps incorrectly.
  • Discrete Heat Map parameter substitution was not correct for the zIndex and extra field (which are indexed by the zIndex) if the x and y arrays are provided.

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