Mirye Software Publishing releases RevCamp Issue 0810. 

RevCamp Issue 810: Autumn Reflection

Welcome to RevCamp Issue 810!

This month we continue with articles of interest for a wider audience. We have our first Getting Started with Revolution article, a series of articles for new users who are just learning some of the benefits of using Revolution. Runtime Revolution's Mark Wadingham has a three part series on how to use the new gradient effects in Revolution. And finally, HyperActive Software's Jacque Gay continues with part two of a series of articles on converting to Revolution from HyperCard.

RevCamp 810 Benefits

Issue benefits fall into three groups: limited time benefits for all customers, limited time benefits for Studio or Enterprise customers, and one time permanent benefits. To qualify for any issue benefits, you must download the benefit during the availability of the issue. All benefits are one time, one per customer.

RevCamp 809 Limited Member Benefits (All Customers)

Issue 810 includes a fantastic set of ten complete audio soundtracks with a humorous spin - the New Cartoons Volume 1 set!

Issue 209 New Member Benefits

All customers in good standing with Revolution Studio or Revolution Enterprise can receive a one-time benefit of Valentina for Revolution 3.1 ADK Advanced, the ultra fast database technology that turns Revolution applications into powerful database solutions. Valentina ADK Advanced includes:

  • Database Runtimes for Major Operating Systems. Local runtimes for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X (10.4 and higher) let you deploy fast, SQL based databases.

  • Valentina Studio 3.1 Admin Edition. Visual tool for creating, administering and browsing Valentina databases. Use ODBC to import from Filemaker, Access and more.

  • Community Level Support. Community leaders and Valentina engineers participate in this list.

  • Eligibility for Upgrading. When you are ready, you can upgrade to the latest version of Valentina, or upgrade to Valentina Developer Network.

Issue 810: How Do I Get it?

Customers that purchased a new license or upgrade license after July 28, 2008 and qualify for Revolution updates will receive an email containing download and activation information for qualified member benefits. Any new or upgrade license sold through Mirye Store or through participating resellers is eligible. Issue 810 is available starting October 21, 2008.

Mirye Revolution 810 News and Articles

What's going on with Runtime Revolution and associated products? Here is a quick run down on events related to this best selling cross-platform development system for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux:

  • Newsflash: Connection Strings, the site that helps you remember all irritating connection differences between databases now lists the ODBC connection information you need to know about Valentina.
  • Newsflash: Snipplr makes it easy to save your code tidbits and share them with others; Snipplr covers all major scripting languages, including Javascript, PHP, Ruby and more - now including Revolution! That's right - show your support of the best and easiest scripting language to learn by posting your snippets to Snipplr in the Revolution section

DerBrill Animation Engine for Revolution Available

Animation Engine for Runtime Revolution adds a fantastic tool box for animated multimedia applications and games. Jump start your game development by adding this indespensible, native Revolution library to your tool kit. Animation Engine for Revolution is also now available in Mirye Online Store.

Article: Using Gradients in Revolution 3

Mark Waddingham, Runtime Revolution Head of Technology presents a three part introduction to the new gradients feature in Revolution 3, including animation techniques.

  • Gradients in Revolution 3: Introducing Gradients
  • Gradients in Revolution 3: Gradient Animation
  • Gradients in Revolution 3: Gradient Animation and Scheduling

Article: Converting from HyperCard to Revolution Part 2

Apple Computer's HyperCard was the authoring environment of choice for thousands of Macintosh users. Jacque Landman Gay of HyperActive Software provides us with part 2 of a complete tutorial on converting legacy HyperCard stacks to Revolution. Part 1 covered an introduction and pre-conversion steps to take in your HyperCard stack.

Article: Getting Started with Revolution - Switching Between Versions of Revolution

Developing with Revolution means never lamenting over changes in an upgrade - because you can switch to any version you download at any time! This article is the first for new users of Revolution by RevCamp contributor Taro Kodama.