Mirye Software announces the release of Runtime Revolution 3, the best selling multimedia and application development suite for cross-platform development. 

Runtime Revolution 3 allows developers on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux create applications on one operating system, then deploy native versions on every supported operating system. Runtime Revolution also allows the creation of native internet CGIs.

Runtime Revolution 3.0 includes the following major improvements:

Runtime Revolution 3 Script Editor. Runtime Revolution 3 includes a fast, modern script editing and debugging environment. Quickly access handlers, Errors, Documentation, BreakPoints, Variables and Search Results within a tabbed interface.

Runtime Revolution Help System. The new Runtime Revolution Help system includes all previously released materials plus Runtime Revolution 3 additions. But the improvements don't stop there! You now have superior navigation and access to articles by subject.

Beautiful, Gradient Vector Objects. Runtime Revolution has always had built in vector object creation tools - now Mirye Runtime Revolution graphic objects support gradients. Not only can you interactively modify the gradients on objects, you can do this by script.

Multidimensional Arrays. Runtime Revolution 3 multidimensional arrays makes it far, far easier to work with data of all kinds. It will transform your use of working with XML data with Runtime Revolution applications.

RevCamp Subscriptions. Order Runtime Revolution 3 or Runtime Revolution 3 upgrades and updates and get a RevCamp subscription. RevCamp includes monthly releases of valuable content assets, tools, services and other features useful to Revolution developers.

Ultra Fast Database Applications. Runtime Revolution 3 Studio or Higher includes Valentina 3.1 ADK Advanced for Runtime Revolution. Paradigma Software Valentina is the fastest cross-platform database available and ADK advanced includes components for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows deployment, as well as Valentina Studio Admin visual database tool.

For a limited time, Runtime Revolution 3 includes a free copy of Animation Engine for Revolution, a high value, cross-platform development library for creating evocative and responsive animated graphics in Revolution projects on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Animation Engine has a regular price of $79. Also included for a limited time is two weeks of the Rev Mentor learning assistance service, a subscription site for learning and expanding a developer's knowledge of development with Runtime Revolution.

Runtime Revolution Studio 2.9 costs $249, with Runtime Revolution Enterprise 3 costing $499. Revolution Media, a starter kit for developing cross platform multimedia projects costs $49. Runtime Revolution Studio allows developers to create and deploy on all three operating systems, plus adds standalone compilation and database connectivity. Runtime Revolution Enterprise also adds Oracle connectivity, a seat of the IDE for each platform, plus access to early releases of Runtime Revolution.

About Mirye Software

Mirye Software Publishing is the North American publisher of Runtime Revolution, the leading application and multimedia development environment based on the English-like, object language Runtime Revolution. It is the only software that builds native applications on all three major operating systems, Solaris and can build native CGIs.