New data-grids for business apps; behaviors and more.

Mirye Software announces the release of Runtime Revolution 3.5, the best selling multimedia and application development suite for cross-platform development. Runtime Revolution 3 allows developers on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux create applications on one operating system, then deploy native versions on every supported operating system. Mirye Runtime Revolution also allows the creation of native internet CGIs.

Mirye Runtime Revolution 3.5 introduces some of the most requested features for the product:

  • Runtime Revolution Grids. New grid data display system allows you to easily display business data is Excel-like grids, a requirement for building many business applications.
  • Revolution Online 2. The online component of Runtime Revolution is updated, with a brand new interface and the ability to rate and interact with content stored on the service. Revolution Online is the place where thousands of Revolution users can share their Revolution stacks.
  • Object-Oriented Behaviors. Use behaviors to write data entry fields that restrict input, custom scrollbar objects, calendar widgets, or indeed any functionality or custom control you want to reuse.

Revolution 3.5 also introduces numerous feature improvements and fixes including collaborative documentation, improvements to the group object, and a 100 new fixes. A complete list of these in included with the the release notes.

Runtime Revolution Studio 2.9 costs $249, with Runtime Revolution Enterprise 3 costing $499. Revolution Media, a starter kit for developing cross platform multimedia projects costs $49. Runtime Revolution Studio allows developers to create and deploy on all three operating systems, plus adds standalone compilation and database connectivity. Runtime Revolution Enterprise also adds Oracle connectivity, a seat of the IDE for each platform, plus access to early releases of Runtime Revolution.

About Mirye Software

Mirye Software Publishing is the North American publisher of Runtime Revolution, the leading application and multimedia development environment based on the English-like, object language Runtime Revolution. It is the only software that builds native applications on all three major operating systems, Solaris and can build native CGIs.