Shade 10 Designer, Standard and Professional editions of the 3D production suite are available in English.

Mirye Software, the publisher of professional creative technology tools, announces the release of Shade 10, a major update to the professional 3D modeling, animation and rendering suite. Shade is an all in one 3D solution that includes both curved surface modeling and traditional polygon based modeling tools. The Shade 10 release emphasizes greater integration with other applications and export options as well as overall improvements to workflow.

New in Shade 10

  • Multipass Rendering. Render images into layered TIFF files that allow post processing of each discreet effect
  • Workflow Enhancements. New, interactive 3D manipulator, custom work planes, fully customizable viewports
  • Fur Support, New Hair Operations. New support for adding 3D fur, hair masks, additional hair styling tools, hair collision detection and gravity
  • Switch Joint. A new interactive joint object allows models to switch between alternative geometry.
  • External Surface, Geometry References. Shade 10 files can reference external surface materials, geometry and more
  • Global Illumination Enhancements. Path Tracing + Photon Mapping, save Irradiance Cache, Irradiance Cache with Shade GRID
  • Toon Rendering Features. New Half Tone and Color Half Tone presets, multipass rendering with Toon Renderer
  • PoserFusion: Poser 8, Poser Units. New support for Smith Micro Poser 8 for incorporating or hosting Poser characters in Shade. Improved Poser units support for developing content for Poser.
  • Export to COLLADA. Now export Shade models to industry standard COLLADA for use in other applications, game engines, simulations
  • Export to Second Life. New export Shade models as sculpted prims for use in Linden Labs MMO
  • Export to Blue Mars. New export Shade models as digital assets for the Avatar Reality MMO
  • Native 64 bit operations on Mac OS X. Supported with Mac OS X 10.6 on Intel

Shade 10 is available for Windows and Mac OS X. Shade Professional costs $899, Standard $249 and Designer $49. Shade 10 is a free upgrade for any purchaser of Shade 9. Mirye Software is also making available two other resources with the release of Shade 10.