Shade 9 Designer LE, Standard and Professional editions of the 3D production suite are available in English.

Mirye Software, publisher of the cross-platform application development system Runtime Revolution, announce the release of Shade 9, the advanced curved surface 3D suite of tools for modeling, animation and rendering.

First released in 1986 in Japan, Shade differentiates itself by providing Bezier based modeling tools, making it possible to create more organic and realistic character and architectural designs. Shade has an uncluttered interface that lets you show only the tools you need, when you need them. Shade is developed and published in Japan by E Frontier, Inc, and published worldwide in English by Mirye Software.

New in Shade 9

  • Particle Physics and Collision Detection. New particle physics and collision detection system that makes sparks of fire, water splashes, tornadoes and more possible.
  • Polygon Mesh Tools. 22 new tools for working with polygon based models, making Shade an excellent tool for game development.
  • Hair Salon. Easily add hair or fur, directly onto your character model.
  • Parallax Bump Mapping. Apply virtual depth to surfaces for a more 3D look by using parallax bump mapping.
  • Improved Learning Materials. Updated 500 pages of documentation, and new html based project guides for learning 3D.
  • Poser Fusion. Directly host native Poser pz3 files from Poser 6, 7 and Poser Pro within Shade, including animation frames.
  • Better Previewing. Specular highlights, environment mapping and real time ray tracing of texture surfaces making it easier to predict what your final render will look like.
  • Better HDRI Import and Export. Shade 9 can now import and export high-dynamic range images (HDRI) in Portable Float Map (PFM) format.

Shade 9 is available on Mac OS X and Windows. Customers who order Shade 9 are automatically eligible for a free upgrade to Shade 10 when available. Shade 9 is available in three different levels: Shade Designer LE ($49), Shade Standard ($249) and Shade Professional ($899). A free, 30 day trial of Shade 9 is available at Shade 9 can be purchased from Mirye Software at

About Mirye Software

Beaverton, Oregon based Mirye Software Publishing is a leading international publisher of technical applications for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux and a division of Proactive International, LLC. Mirye products are available for direct purchase or through a network of resellers including Software House International, Amazon and Academic Superstore.