Mirye announces five 3D model collections in the Shade Complete Collection series. 

Mirye Software, publisher of Shade 9, the advanced curved surface 3D suite of tools for modeling, animation and rendering, announces five 3D model collections in the Shade Complete Collection series, volumes 2-6. Each collection includes an assortment of models in the native Shade format, including the models themselves and several example scenes. The models work with Shade 7 or higher on Mac OS X and Windows and range in pricing from $29-49 each.

The collections include:

Volume 2: Japan City. Hundreds of modern urban buildings, including universal skyscrapers and also authentic modern buildings – perfect for a 3D digital manga or anime.
Volume 3: Transportation. Over 400 medium resolution automotive models, including sedans, formula racers, classic cars, SUVs, industrial and more.
Volume 4: Rock Band. Modern instrument collection, electric and bass guitars, complete drum sets, speakers and microphones.
Volume 5: Orchestra. Wind, brass, and string instruments in quantities for creating your next orchestra, marching band or other music themed artwork.
Volume 6: Plants. A collection of low and high poly count plant models, including many species commonly found in Japan.

Each volume is immediately available for download through the Mirye Online store. First released in 1986 in Japan, Shade differentiates itself by providing Bezier based modeling tools, making it possible to create more organic and realistic character and architectural designs.

Shade 9 is available on Mac OS X and Windows. Customers who order Shade 9 are automatically eligible for a free upgrade to Shade 10 when available. Shade 9 is available in three different levels: Shade Designer ($49), Shade Standard ($249) and Shade Professional ($899).