Download the latest updates for SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro11, SILKYPIX Developer Studio 11 and SILKYPIX JPEG 11. 

SILKYPIX Series photography software for macOS and Windows have hundreds of features for correction and conversion of your photos into breathtaking images. Select the version of SILKYPIX that best suits your needs.

SILKYPIX DS Pro11 11.0.6 | SILKYPIX DS11 11.1.6

SILKYPIX 11.0.6 / SILKYPIX 11.1.6 / SILKYPIX 11.2.6 releases are now available to download for macOS and Windows.


  • [Fix] White balance color temperature may not be reproduced properly when opening a RAW shot with the white balance set to "Daylight" on the Canon EOS R5. (*3, 4)
  • [Fix] The initial values of Sharpening, Noise reduction, etc. by Dynamic Default were not changed for each ISO sensitivity when RAWs shot with the Canon EOS R3 were opened. (*3)
  • [Fix] Adjusted brightness when opening DNG format RAWs taken with the Pentax K-3 Mark III. (*3)
  • [Fix] Develop and Batch develop to fail when adjusting HDR/Dodge/Color Burn/Highlight/Shadow and White Balance at the same time for Apple ProRAW.
  • [Fix] "NOSTALGIC Neg." was not present in the list of selectable FILM SIMULATION for RAWs shot with Fujifilm GFX50S II, GFX100, and GFX100S.
  • [Fix] Adjustment result was not correctly reflected in the preview and development result when the White balance "Auto (Natural)" and White balance adjustment were applied to JPEG and TIFF images at the same time.
  • [Fix][macOS]The development process of the preview was not completed when "Fast rendering (Coarse preview)" was set as the Preview rendering method in the Display settings dialog.
  • [Fix] Other small fixes.

New Camera Support

  • Canon EOS R7 (*1, 2)
  • Nikon Z 30

Release Notes

  • The color reproduction in highlight areas may not be performed correctly when adjusting the white balance of the RAWs shot with multiple exposure.
  • HEIF (HIF) format is not supported.
  • To enable this fix, select [Help] – [Troubleshooting] – [Delete temporary files] from the menu.
  • Even in RAWs shot with a white balance other than "Daylight", the initial color temperature values may change slightly before and after this problem is fixed.

The releases are available for immediate download from SILKYPIX.US.

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