Mirye Software announces the release of SILKYPIX JPEG Photography 9, the JPEG photo software series for Windows and Mac OS. It is immediately available on the Mirye Software online store.

SILKYPIX series of photography products helps you improve your photos with complete control over color balance, exposure bias, high dynamic range and more. This release of the entry level version in the series provides almost all features of the SILKYPIX flagship product SILKYPIX DS Pro9, but for use with JPEG photos. SILKYPIX JPEG Photography 11 includes adjustment of exposure, white balance and contrast, as well a correction tools such as dust removal and lens aberration.

Unlike other photography products, SILKYPIX JP 11 is not a subscription based product. It doesn't stop working after a year or require you to spend more money to keep using it. You can try the fully feature enabled trial for 30 days.

SILKYPIX JPEG Photography 11 New Key Features

  • [new] Tone Tool White Level Adjustment
  • [new] Super Resolution Synthesis
  • [new] Auto White Balance by Region
  • [new] Multiple Exposure (Moving Object)
  • [new] Auto-Import, File Name Management
  • [new] Thumbnail Filtering, Improved Search
  • [new] Color Conversion within a Fine Color Gamut
  • [new] Retouch Brush
  • [new] Partial Correction Tool: Clarity
  • [new] Partial Correction Tool: Sharpen
  • [new] Display Estimated File Size


SILKYPIX series software which develops photographs into professional, high quality images. Put your computer to work to go beyond the limitations of conditions when you took your photo. Typical problems such as unnatural edges in a high-saturation color boundary, false color within fine structures, or noise in high-sensitivity shooting are all fixable with SILKYPIX. SILKYPIX satisfies both the demand for high resolution and high color separation performance. The goal is photography which is as smooth and natural as silk. That is why it is called SILKYPIX.

SILKYPIX® is a registered trademark by Ichikawa Soft Laboratory Co., Ltd. Windows® is a registered trademark by Microsoft Corporation. macOS™ is a trademark by Apple Inc. Intel® and Pentium® are registered trademarks by Intel Corporation. Other listed Company names and product names are registered trademark of their respective owners.

About Mirye Software

Mirye Software publishes and distributes high performance digital tools for creative professionals. It also distributes and licenses superior and unique content, including 2D, 3D and audio content for use in digital productions. Mirye Software was launched in 2006 as a division of Proactive International, a strategic business development company, in order to provide vertical market professionals with tools and content.

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