Stored Procedures, Linux Support and Advanced Server Features.

Beaverton, Oregon-based Paradigma Software, Inc announces release version 3 of Valentina Office Server and Valentina Developer Network for deploying royalty free, standalone and client-server applications. This major release provides the greatest number of overall improvements to the platform since the release of Valentina 2 in March 2005, while providing backward compatibility with existing solutions built with Valentina 2.x.

The following new features were added to the entire product line of Valentina 3:

  • Stored Procedures. Stored procedures allow business logic to be stored within the database and then executed when called; this is highly beneficial for reducing network traffic.
  • Triggers. Triggers allow events to be executed when conditions are met within a database or database table.
  • Views. Views are a form of virtual table based on the results of a query, allowing dynamic glimpses into data stored in the database.
  • Hot Back Up. Both standalone applications and Valentina Server based solutions can be automatically backed up and time stamped while running.
  • Mac OS X Unicode Improvements. Because of improved support from Apple, Inc, Valentina can access the operating system version of ICU, reducing the overall size of deployable Valentina 3 components on the platform. Backwards Compatibility. Because only modest changes were made to the Valentina format, users can safely test their existing Valentina 2.5.x databases with Valentina 3.

Valentina Server 3 solutions also include features specific to the platform:

  • Event Scheduler. This allows execution of events on the server to automatically occur periodically.
  • User Variables. Server solutions can get and set user variables on a per database basis.
  • Improved Packet Based Protocol. Performance improvements with Server communications builds on previous releases that allow greater compatibility between different versions of clients and servers.

Paradigma Software is also announcing new operating system support for Valentina Office Server and most developer products: native Linux support. This includes Valentina Developer Network support for Linux targets with REAL Software REALbasic, Runtime Revolution, C++, and Valentina Embedded Server, including server scripting with PHP 4/5+ and Ruby on Rails framework. Core Valentina 3 technology is officially supported on Ubuntu 7.x, SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop and Red Hat Desktop, with compatibility with x86 based distributions running GTK 2.x.

The release of Valentina 3 also has hundreds of minor performance improvements and solutions to customer reported issues.

The advancements culminating in Valentina 3 make Valentina a worthy
successor to mySQL projects that require better performance for complex
queries. I am profoundly happy over our move to Valentina. - Thorsten
Hohage, objectmanufactur

Valentina database products, available on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, are based on the unique Valentina database engine – an object-relational database engine known for extreme speed. When porting to Valentina, hours become minutes, minutes become seconds when it comes to storing, retrieving and querying databases. Valentina supports all modern standards – native Unicode, XML import/export and ODBC connectivity.

Valentina Developer Network Platform Edition includes a set of tools for all supported operating systems of one development environment – and allows deployment of Valentina Embedded Database Server, royalty free. In addition, VDN Platform Edition includes reseller options, VDN Platform Edition sells for $599. Developers that want to build only local database solutions can license Valentina ADK products, starting at $199.

About Paradigma Software, Inc

Founded in 1998, Beaverton, Oregon-based Paradigma Software, Inc is the leading provider of incredibly fast and robust database solutions for business and development. Valentina 2 technology powers solutions as diverse as graphics applications from major Japanese electronics companies to solutions supporting US public schools. Paradigma Software solutions are available for every major development environment on the Windows and Macintosh platforms.