Beaverton, Oregon based Paradigma Software, Incorporated announces that Valentina for Director fully supports the recently announced Adobe Director 11, and the release of fully Director 11 compliance on the Mac OS X platform.

The new release includes three components: two on Mac OS X, and one on the Windows platform. These include:

  • A Carbon based version of Valentina for Director 3.5.2 that is backwards compatible with previous versions of Director.
  • A Universal Binary Version of Valentina for Director 3.5.2, compatible with Director 11 on Mac OS X.
  • Valentina for Director 3.5.2 on the Windows platform, which has a single component and is fully backwards compatible by itself to Director 8.

A major new feature of Director 11 is full Unicode support. Although Valentina supports over 200+ encodings (all supported by previous versions of Director, such as Director MX 2004 and earlier), Valentina core technology is based on UTF-16, the most comprehensive version of Unicode for working with not only western but far eastern languages. Valentina is fully compatible with Director's unicode implementation.

With the experience of working with major Asian corporations like Nikon Corporation, we knew that UTF-16 was the best route, since searching for variations on proper names in languages like Japanese and Chinese hit roadblocks if you only have UTF-8 support

said Ruslan Zasukhin, Vice President of Engineering at Paradigma Software.

Because of the dual release, it is possible for Mac OS X client applications built with either the Carbon or Universal Binary versions of Valentina for Director to communicate transparently with Valentina Office Server or Valentina Embedded Server, regardless of the operating system on the server-side. Transformations between the non-Unicode Carbon version and the Unicode Based Valentina Server are handled transparently.

Valentina for Director is available in two configurations: V4MD ADK Versions for deploying local, database projects, and Valentina Developer Network, that also adds the ability to deploy, royalty free - local, client-server, and server-only database solutions. V4MD ADKs begin at $199, and Valentina Developer Network begins at $599.

Valentina is a true business ready database with SQL support, Unicode, XML import/export, stored procedures, strong encryption, over 60 code examples and free community level support. Valentina also supports innovations like virtual pivot tables, custom system tables and other advanced features not available elsewhere. It is also attractive to Director developers because it can run off of any media, offers massive text compression routines, optional picture compression and is Shockwave safe. Valentina for Director supports a special "Execute Any SQL" function that accelerates your development.

Valentina Server (Embedded and Office) run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and also adds advanced server properties, event scheduling and hot back up. You can also script Valentina Server with PHP and Ruby on Rails. Importing legacy databases is easy with Valentina Studio - included with VDN and Office Server - utilizing ODBC.