Paradigma Software, Inc announces the release of version 3.5.1 of its ultra fast database technology Valentina, as well as the release of Valentina for Ruby/Ruby on Rails for Mac OS.

Developers who deploy Ruby applications on Mac OS X 10.4 or higher on Intel or PPC now have a native driver interface. Developers who deploy web applications using Ruby on Rails can now build applications around Valentina Embedded Server or Valentina Office Server on Mac OS X. This is also available on Windows, with a Linux target scheduled within Q1 2008.

Paradigma Software also recently announced Valentina Custom Server Properties as a part of Valentina 3.5, which are also accessible through Ruby on Rails. Valentina Server products, including Office Server and royalty free Embedded Server now support custom database properties, some of which include both read and write properties. This treats databases on servers as objects, much as modern programmers have treated custom objects in development. This represents a new breakthrough in database development รขย€ย“ while object-relational and true object-oriented databases have existed for years, treating the database itself as a programmatic object is new.

Valentina technology release 3.5.1 also provides improvements to time/date handling and encryption in all Valentina products, and 12 improvements in Valentina Studio.

Documentation is now available for setting up Valentina with Ruby on Rails and support for ActiveRecord 1.5. Support for ActiveRecord 2.0 is currently under development. Support for is also available on the Windows and Linux versions.

Valentina developer and business products support Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, Fedora Core and Ubuntu). Developers solutions for integrating Valentina begin at $199 with support for every major development system on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux: Apple xCode (Cocoa and C++), Visual Basic, C/C++, Ruby (and Ruby on Rails), PHP, Adobe Director, REAL Software REALbasic, Runtime Revolution, .net and any tool that supports COM.

All Valentina products include at least one year of free updates.

Valentina Developer Network Platform Edition lets developers deploy unlimited, royalty free copies of Valentina Embedded Server on MacOS X, Windows and Linux. VDN Platform Edition costs $599, with discounts for customers who upgrade from another solution.

Valentina 3.5.1 is immediately available for download and purchase from Mirye Software Publishing or directly from Paradigma website. You can also purchase these products through major resellers.