Paradigma Software, Inc announces the release of version 3.5.2 of its ultra fast database technology Valentina.

Valentina is the underlying technology behind both Valentina Office Server as well as a line of developer tools for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, from Microsoft .net framework to Apple xCode.

Release 3.5.2 includes performance updates as well as recommended security improvements. Improvements in this release include:

  • Allowing data files under the Linux operating system to be larger than 4 GB.
  • Execute complex SQL JOIN statements that include filter conditions in the FROM clause
  • Executing NOT (FldMethod) SQL statement is now over 40 times faster in this release
  • Triggers and RecID. Now work correctly with these types of fields.

All reported issues under Microsoft Vista have been resolved.

Valentina Server products now have improved encryption support between different user sessions. It is strongly recommended that any installations of Valentina Office Server and Valentina Embedded Server are updated to 3.5.2.

Interfaces for use with REAL Software's REALbasic database API now work correctly with the most recent release of REALbasic, making it possible to execute complex queries within the environment.

Valentina Studio, the visual data browser and administration tool included over 30 performance updates, including:

  • Exporting Results. Immediately export the results of statement in the SQL Editor.
  • Bookmarks for Valentina Server
  • New Syntax Highlighting. Syntax highlights for Triggers and Stored Procedures now supported

Valentina developer and business products support Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, Fedora Core and Ubuntu). Developers solutions for integrating Valentina begin at $199 with support for every major development system on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux: Apple xCode (Cocoa and C++), Visual Basic, C/C++, Ruby (and Ruby on Rails), PHP, Adobe Director, REAL Software REALbasic, Runtime Revolution, .net and any tool that supports COM.

All Valentina products include at least one year of free updates.

Valentina Developer Network Platform Edition lets developers deploy unlimited, royalty free copies of Valentina Embedded Server on MacOS X, Windows and Linux. VDN Platform Edition costs $599, with discounts for customers who upgrade from another solution.

Valentina 3.5.2 is immediately available for download and purchase from Mirye Software Publishing and directly from Paradigma website.